Our mission

UB.empowered is an Artistic platform that was created to change/improve the lives of those that face poverty, violence and different forms of social injustices. We concentrate mostly on improving the lives of women and children. We raise funds supporting grassroots, humanistic organization that are dedicated to this end.

By becoming a member, which is free, you receive a unique visual experience of fine art imagery, an intimate and emotional video adventures into the lives of people around the world. But mostly, you have the distinct opportunity to choose an area of interest, where you can learn, donate funds, while changing the lives of women and/or children. Those that donate will have full access to all content on the site. Those that become members will have a somewhat less visual experience.

The world once again is showing its madness openly. Here, it's the artists, the yogi’s, and the performing artists that offer a respite from the insanity. If you are inspired, then we together will be active partners in shaping a new, positive awareness in the world. If you choose not to donate, we at least ask you to practice kindness towards those less fortunate and spread the word about UB.empowered to others.

It is only through extending ourselves to help others that we discover our humanity

 - P. Stull

The Studio

Stull studios has been in operation for almost fifteen years. It is a digital photographic and art environment, where imagery is designed and created by the American artist Patrick Stull. The studio employs, almost exclusively, women technicians, photographers, designers, etc. who collaborate to produce art. Recently, Stull is using his art content to source revenue for grassroots humanistic organization.